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There are many reasons to get your roof inspected

  1. You should have you roof inspected every three to five years. Your roof is exposed to the extreme Michigan weather year round. There are many things that can happen over the years and it’s a good idea to have your roof routinely inspected.
  2. There have been recent storms and you think you may have damage to your roof. Storm damage is one of the most common types of roof damage and can range from minor to major problems with your roof.
  3. You have found loose shingles in your yard or can see visible damage from the ground

If you think there there is ANY type of damage you should get it looked at by a residential roofing specialist immediately. If roofing damage is left untreated it almost always will lead to greater damage down the road that can become costly for you.


It is nearly impossible to judge a roof’s condition from the ground, and climbing up on your roof is a dangerous and hazardous task

The only way to get a full inspection is to have a qualified residential roofing specialist climb up on your roof, and in your attic, to perform the inspection.

We have developed detailed 17 point roof inspection to help you make educated decisions regarding roof repair.

A HAAG certified residential roofing specialist will show up at your home to perform our 17 point inspection. We will begin with a visual inspection of your roof from the ground as well as an inspection of your attic and walls.


We offer a free roof inspection that will be conducted by a HAGG-certified residential roofing specialist

We will come to your home and perform our thorough 17 point roof inspection.

By choosing to use a HAGG certified roofer to perform the inspection you’ll be confident that you’re getting the most thorough inspection available to you and that if there is anything wrong with your roof it will be found.


HAAG is an intensive certification program that teaches how to accurately inspect a roof and correctly evaluate any damage

Once we have finished inspecting your roof and documenting anything we find. We will sit down with you and go over everything that we found, explain to you what everything means and make sure you fully understand all your options.


You will fully understand how your roof system works and will have the confidence that you’re making the correct decision about your roof regarding repair or replacement